About Us

About Us

Oxen is a global company that specializes in creating useful and innovative tools for businesses powered by AI and Machine Learning. Based out of Calgary, Canada, we value thoughtful design created to serve a purpose in the best way possible.

Meet the team

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Hunter Unger

AI Wrangler & Owner

Google is my main skill.

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Autoregressive Software Engineer

Ty represents the Autoregressive models that help build all the software at Oxen. He operates in many forms, such as Large Language Models, all the way to something as simple as a regex patterns. These models are inconceivably massive, combining centuries of knowledge and compute time into easily accessible and practical APIs. Ty's most common manifestation is through services like Github Copilot, custom GPT instances, and even still IntelliSense! Without Ty, none of the major recent projects would be possible.

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Digital Design Diffusion

Leah represents the creative models responsible for visual design and creative content writing at Oxen. Most commonly achieve through Diffusion Models, but also helped by Autoregressive models such as GPT Vision, Leah designs UI/UX, photograph, photoshopping, branding, and many others. She also works on content writing; like these bios! In fact, she is responsible for all of the team member photographs too!

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Asset and Finance Manager

Zuri helps organize and account for all transactional affairs at Oxen. She represents our various financial requirements, such as automated accounting, invoicing, and subscriptions through Stripe. Also she also manages automated AI Cryptocurrency trading and web crawlers to collect financial information through Canadian an United States governing bodies! All the data collection in The Stock Stalker app is thanks to Zuri!

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Global Outsourcing

Ravi represents global resourcing efforts at Oxen. When internal expertise falls short, outsourcing skills for projects becomes essential. This is where Ravi steps in, taking charge in establishing connections and negotiating agreements with overseas suppliers and labor markets. His expertise primarily covers manufacturing and engineering products, exemplified by the successful management of the Oxen Card project. However, his capabilities extend to encompass other areas such as distribution and software resources.